(updated 05/07/21)

Gianluigi Donnarumma : Gianluigi has waited patiently in the wings for the last season and with Franny proving consistent but not spectacular the manager gave Gianluigi his chance in 2021. After a rocky start he kept 6 clean sheets in 8 games to ultimately stop the club relegating. He is first choice for now but needs to maintain his excellent form at the end of the 2020/21 season.

Frantisek Planicka : "Franny" had an excellent first season out at Castle Rock Furies, helping them to promotion and after returning to the club he has had a solid couple of seasons. However he has dropped odwn the order and a good season from Burnett may see him made available.

Alex Burnett : Alex arrived on week 31 and will be serving as back up initially.


Kierrison : Kierrison returned to the club to finish his playing career and instantly was at his best. A former goalscorer he has settled into a defensive role and is expected to play until he retires, which sadly may come soon as he has just turned 36.

Faas Wilkes : Faas has yet to impress and he is a reserve at present. He needs to be ready when he gets his chance or else he is out.

Thorbjorn Svenssen : "Thor" broke into the line up late in the 2019 season and is now a regular starter. Unlikely to be available at any price as his excellent defensive skills have been backed up with an eye for a goal from setpieces.

Ignacio Zoco : Iggy has proven himself a very dependable defender and will stay at the club unless a defender comes in who can chip in goals, Iggy's one major flaw.

Valentino Mazzola : Val has yet to make his mark at the club. After scoring so early on for the club he is now approaching 50 appearances and has yet to add to that tally. Already considered just a defender he could easily go if a suitable offer was made.

Sandor Kocsis : Sandor took a long time to settle at the club but has since been a stalwart for years. He has proven a very good scorer from defence and will retire at the club.

Lubo Moravcik : Lubo is one of many yet to get a chance to shine and after a season out on loan he now looks for his chance to play.

Josef Bican : Josef had a solid season was in defence but  allowed to go out on loan to Ziaste Nequeno. After returning he has proven a solid player who scores occasionally. May move back into defence if other scorers can be found but unlikely to be allowed to leave.

Zebeto : Zebeto is an exciting prospect and will make his debut this season. How long he stays in the team is down to him. He is about to enter a second chance at the age of 19. A big season ahead for him.

Rafael Gordillo : Rafael has been forced into a midfield position temporarily but it is expected he will return to the attack as soon as anyone fails to score regularly. In the meantime he hopefully will still score fairly regularly.

Kylian Mbappe : Kylian is another one in the group of players waiting to show their ability at the club. Another season out on loan may well see his career at the club over so he will hope for an opportunity soon.

Rivellino : Rivellino has yet to play for the club but he is already waiting in the wings for an opportunity, be it via injury or loss of form.

Milivoje Novakovic : "Mili" has spent most of his career out on loan so far and had an excellent season at Wascisco Red Sox, scoring 6 goals from midfield and helping them to a Division One title. Had a solid first season in the top flight with 4 from midfield but needs to average around 6 a season to be assured of a starting position.


Rob Rensenbrink : Rob's form since being recalled from his loan at Prestatyn Town has been nothing short of exceptional and he will be be a member of the attack for years to come. Does his best work coming off  of the bench and has already broken the club's scoring record as a substitute and has a long career at the club ahead of him. Should retire at the club.

Hakan Mild : The manager has been a big fan of Hakan for a while and when the chance came to get him he didn't hesitate. Hopefully Hakan will continue to score double digits each season now he is at Charscot. His first full season he struggled al ittle but it is hoped that the new responsibility of Club Captain will see him shine going forward.

Gunter Netzer : Gunter scored in only his second appearance after a season out on loan. He is going to be a starter this season and if he scores will hopefully develop into a certain starter for the next decade or more.

Imre Schlosser : Imre has already shown he is more than capable of scoring a goal and has been moved into a more attacking role for this season. If he maintains his 1 in 3 scoring record the team could excel.

Aldo Duscher : Aldo completed his basic training on the final week of the season and now has a couple of seasons of training on his speed ahead of him. He scored off of the bench but has yet to start a game but with the manager looking at a new attack going forward Aldo and Gunter could become mainstays of the team.

Roger Piantoni : Roger has progressed very quickly and he should be close to the finished article by the end of his time as a youth player. Not avail;able for any deal as the manager wants to see what Roger can do in the first team in time.

Juan Alberto Schiaffino : Juan could be available this season as he still has some way to go in his training. However, the manager may well just wait and see if anyone shows interest.

The rest of the 17yo's : None of the youth players will be staying at the club and all will be available for cash.