(updated 18/02/19)

Jess Hall : Jess returned to the club in 2017 and immediately made an impact as the team stopped leaking goals and his performances over a two month span won him the Supporter's Player of the Year Award from just nine games. The manager has made it clear Jess is the club's number one until he retires and it is hoped he will have at least three more seasons at the top level.

Rip Van Rioja : Rip has bided his time and looked dependable when finally given a chance in 2016/17. Hall has the edge going forward and in the short term he may be sent out on loan.

Gianpiero Combi : Gianpiero is hoped to be the long term first choice keeper going forward and started in style with a clean sheet. He took over as first choice in the second half of the season but was inconsistent and may well have to wait to push his way back to first choice.


Emiliano Delossantos : Emiliano was a revelation when he arrived, as his eye for goal whilst playing in defence has been a pleasure to behold. He seems assured of a place in the starting line up for years to come and as such is strictly not available.

Stevie Chalmers : Stevie hasn't really had a chance to make his mark yet and if he gets a chance in 2019 it will be crucial he makes the most of it.

Thorbjorn Svenssen : "Thor" is still waiting to make an impression as chances have been scarce. Could be a big season in 2019.

Marc Crosas : Marc has an enormous season in 2018/19 as he looks to justify his 25million fee from the auction market. With a surplus of players in all outfield positions Marc is one of those most under threat and he could well be back on the market in 2019 if he fails to maintain his initially impressive performances.

Gorka Larrea : Gorka arrived after winning the league with Real Madrid, and his experience pushed him into the line-up despite his young age and he had a solid season. It is expected that he will continue to be a cornerstone of the defence.

Sandor Kocsis : Sandor took a long time to settle at the club but has since been a stalwart the past three seasons. He has had a very good season scoring 7 goals and if he can continue to be so prolific from defence the team has a player who will play the next decade with Charscot.

Christian Pulisic :  Pulisic cost over 30 million from the auction market despite the lateness in the season and his weak heading.He was clearly a very long term training project and having cost so much won't be allowed to leave. Now he is 19 he is one of two players to need training in the first team and with the manager happy to be patient Christian will not be leaving the club anytime soon as he works on his heading.

Zizinho : "Zizi" is a big question mark, after being given two thirds of a season his failure to find the net is worrying. He now finds himself on the periphery and when he next gets an opportunity he simply has to do better or his future may be outside the club. Had a good season out on loan, scoring from midfield frequently, and it is understood the manager will give him a chance in 2019.

Joshua Npowa : Joshua was once the most expensive player in the history of the game, costing over 41million, breaking the previous record by 5million. Because of the expense he was given the time to sharpen up his last two skills. Shortly after finishing his training, he was brought into the side to boost a team in need of a fresh face. In a short time he has proven to be a game changer, scoring crucial goals that gained the team it's third Championship and Joshua the Player of the Season award from the fans, such was the impact he had on the title run in. His second season saw off field distractions hold him back for long periods but having recently settled down he helped the team to another league title. Needs to get back to scoring from midfield after a quiet 2018/19.

Rafael Gordillo : Rafael arrived in a 3 team deal from Real Madrid and he is one for the future as work continues on his speed. Should be pushing for a first team place at some point during 2019.

Ricario Sanchez : Ricario arrived in a cross team deal from Seabourne City and after finishing his training his first full season was an unqualified success as he was a reliable performer in midfield. He was a success again in 2018/9 and now looks likely to be staying for the rest of his career.

Andrew Surman : Andrew is a new arrival in the Binfield mega deal and after spending a lot of time injured recently he will be looking to thrive with the start of a new season.

Lars Stock : Lars was initially a midfielder at the club. However, he has been such a good goalscorer that he forced the manager to play him up front and that move reaped immediate benefits. Now back in midfield, he could easily be back in attack if the strikers struggle.

Anton Schall : Despite just turning 18 years old Anton has already played for two other clubs and is now in his second stint at Charscot. He is spending this season out on loan at Fenway Valiants as he has quite a lot of work to do on his skills. He is expected to be a contender for a first team place in around a season and a half.


Rob Rensenbrink : Rob's form since being recalled from his loan at Prestatyn Town has been nothing short of exceptional and he will be be a member of the attack for years to come. Does his best work coming off ohas already broken the club's scoring record as a substitute and has a long career at the club ahead of him.

Jose Angulo : Jose arrived in need of training and now he has finished his preparatory work he will be one of the first in line for a place if any strikers fail to score regularly.

Jose Maria : Jose arrived as the party corks were popping to celebrate a division title and Jose made a good start with a few goals in his first season. Has been prolific ever since and is an automatic in the line up having top scored for the club in seven of his nine seasons at the club. Jose's presence has been crucial, reflected in the four year extension he recently signed and he seems likely to retire at the club after having taken the club's all time scoring record early in 2017.

Ademir : Ademir was expected to play in 2018 before an injury resulted in him departing on loan. His first full season he scored a few goals but will need to score double figures in 2019 with so many players waiting in the wings.

Matt Richie : Matt was the oldest player in the 7 player mega deal but could easily be the most important for Charscot. A career goalscorer, if he can work well with Maria the team could be very dangerous going forward. His first season was a slow burner, as it took him 10 weeks to score. However, he made up for lost time and if he can score a little more frequently his place in the side will not be under any threat.

Josef Bican : Like Anton Josef has also been at two other clubs and is starting his second stint at Charscot. Also like Anton he is going out on loan for this season, in his case to Castle Rock Furies. He is ahead of Anton in his development though and it is hoped he will be pushing for a matchday squad spot towards the end of this season.

Faas Wilkes :  The youth team for 2019 has been built up purely for Wilkes' benefit as the one player who MAY be good enough for Charscot. Still a long way off in terms of speed and a lot of training clearly needed 2019 will be an enormous season for Faas.

The rest of the 17yo's : None of the other players will be staying at the club and most will be available for cash. Pellegri, Larsen and Kane will all be listed on the market by the end pf 2019 unless a swap deal for one or more is agreed before the end of the season.