The links below are to the full breakdown of every league and cup result in Charscot Wanderer's history from the very first week when they were formed from the ashes of former league club Ashley's Aces.

The information is listed alphabetically by club going from their current (or in the case of ex-league clubs) their most recent name.

Underneath the latest name of each club is listed all of their former names chronologically with at the bottom the letters CN and the season number denoting their current name.

To the right is listed from left to right the following :

Div -       The division in which the game took part (P for Premier Division, 1 for Division One etc)

Sea -       The season of the match

Wk -       The week of the fixture

Res -       The result of the match

Att -        The attendance at the match

Scorers -  The scorers for Charscot in the match.

The results are listed with Charscot's home matches first with the week, result, attendance and scorers for the away matches listed following the home matches.

The first initial of all team names is taken to decide where they are located within the pages with any teams beginning with the prefix "The" being listed under the letter "T".


League Teams - A

League Teams - B & C

League Teams - D To K

League Teams - L To P

League Teams - R & S

League Teams - T

League Teams - U To Z

Cup Results